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Eliminating Carpet In Your Home

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The Benefits of Removing Carpet from Your Home

For those who live in Granite Bay, CA, and are considering removing their carpet for something new, On Point Flooring is here to help. We understand the concerns homeowners have when it comes to removing carpet and installing a new flooring option. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of eliminating your carpet.

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons people remove their carpets is because it can save them money in the long run. Carpets need to be cleaned regularly and require attention in order to keep them looking good, which can get expensive over time. Surface flooring requires less maintenance and will not need to be replaced as often as carpet does.

Improved Health

Carpeting can retain dirt, dust, pet dander, and other allergens that get trapped within its fibers. These allergens can be circulated through the air throughout your home, leading to increased allergy symptoms or respiratory issues. On Point Flooring offers a variety of hardwood floors as well as tile options that are much easier to clean and do not have any fibers that trap dirt or allergens.

Style Upgrade

Another great reason for removing carpet is because you can upgrade the style of your home with a new look. Whether you choose wood floors or tile floors, both add aesthetic value that carpets cannot provide. You also have a variety of different color options when selecting wood or tile flooring that allows you to customize your space even further.

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Carpet may seem like an easy solution for many homeowners but there are so many other options available on the market today that offer more value than carpets do. From cost savings to improved health and style upgrades, there’s no doubt that hardwood or tile flooring is a much better choice than carpets in Granite Bay, CA homes! If you’re interested in giving your home an upgrade with new flooring options, reach out to On Point Flooring today! We’ll help guide you through the process from start-to-finish!

“We had both carpet and planking put in and are very happy with both. I recommend On Point Flooring!”

Edie Dornbush, Sacramento 

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